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Valley Pig Pickin’, LLC EventValley Pig Pickin’, LLC is a locally owned BBQ catering service based in Woodstock, Virginia that specializes in on-site “whole hog” barbecues…pig pickin’s.

No matter how you spell it…BBQ, Barbecue, Bar-B-Q, Barbeque…we do it best….from the Shenandoah Valley to Northern Virginia, Central Virginia, Richmond Metro, Maryland and West Virginia…call us first!

We will accommodate your tastes; ranging from Carolina Style Pulled Pork to Texas Style Beef Brisket. We can also provide a custom selection of homestyle Side Dishes and Hot or Cold Appetizers to compliment your Virginia Pig Pickin’. We can even provide your desserts!

Valley Pig Pickin’, LLC eventIf you have a specific desire…we can usually provide it….just ask! We are always happy to discuss your custom menu.

Valley Pig Pickin’ will bring the traditional Carolina Style pig pickin, also known as a pig roast, right to your event location. We offer the highest quality BBQ catering in Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and DC Metro area. We serve genuine, hardwood smoked BBQ, fresh from the pit, at your event location and cooked on site.

Valley Pig Pickin’…bringing over 20 years of BBQ experience to the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia…and Beyond! Let us make your event special with a custom Virginia Pig Roast….Carolina Style!

We set up our custom smokers and cook everything directly on your site…start to finish. We only use hard wood and charcoal to smoke our meats… Never propane….If you can’t smell the smoke…it ain’t the real thing.

Valley Pig Pickin’, LLC BBQ whole hogEverything is cooked low-n-slow…from the whole hog roast, pulled pork, smoked BBQ chicken, pork spare ribs, beef brisket, whole ribeye, sirloin, prime rib, hot dogs and hamburgers, even the hot appetizers…stuffed mushroom caps, smoked shrimp, scampi cocktail, hot wings, etc…the way it is supposed to be, on-site in front of you and your guests.

If you choose the whole hog option, we showcase the pig to the crowd prior to pulling and chopping the delicious pork BBQ for your meal.

Call or email us to discuss your event

540-974-2844 or pitboss@valleypig.com

Valley Pig Pickin'LLC

About Us

Now celebrating 19 years of serving wonderful clients in 2022!

Valley Pig Pickin’, LLC catering-eventValley Pig Pickin’ LLC provides full service on-site BBQ catering for any function…big or small…for any occasion…from weddings to reunions to graduations to a simple good old fashioned party. Let us make your event special!

Call or email us to discuss your event needs.

Bringing over 20 years of BBQ experience to the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia…and BEYOND!

Northern Virginia, Central Virginia, Southern Virginia, Richmond Metro, Maryland and West Virginia.

Valley Pig Pickin’, LLC is a locally owned catering service located in Woodstock, VA that specializes in on-site “whole hog” barbecues…known as pig pickin’s in North Carolina.

Josh Holloman, manager and pit master, can also provide barbecued pork ribs, loins, shoulders and butts, half hogs, beef brisket, beef roasts, prime ribs, smoked chicken, turkey, whole lambs or roasts AND MORE.  If it flys, swims or walks, we can BBQ it!

Valley Pig Pickin’, LLC catering-eventOur sauces are all home-style from recipes handed down from family and tweaked by Josh to make a perfectly balanced sauce between hot peppers, vinegar and sweetness. We offer a couple of varieties to please multiple tastes.

Valley Pig Pickin’ gets its name from the traditional way whole hog BBQ is served in North Carolina, Josh’s home state. Pig roasts, hog roasts and pig pulls are other names for what is called a pig pickin’ in North Carolina.

When Josh moved to the Shenandoah Valley, he could not find BBQ the way he thought it should taste and be served…hand pulled with a vinegar based sauce. To make a short story even shorter, he decided to offer his experience cooking whole hog BBQ as a service to the people of the Shenandoah Valley.

Valley Pig Pickin’…bringing over 20 years of BBQ experience to the Shenandoah Valley…and beyond.

  • We will set up our custom smokers and cook everything directly on your site.
  • We only use hard wood and charcoal to smoke our meats….never propane like some of the competition.
  • We don’t deliver a pre-cooked (meaning cold) meat and warm it up for the event…..everything is slow smoked the way it is supposed to be… right in front of you and your guests.
  • You get to savor the sights and smells of the meat slowly cooking right at your event.
  • If you choose the whole hog option (our specialty), then we will showcase the pig in all of its smoked glory to the crowd prior to hand pulling and chopping all of the delicious pork BBQ for your meal.

We can provide all the fixin’s as well if you choose.

All menu items are designed to compliment the unique flavor of authentic pit cooked BBQ; coleslaw, potato, pasta, broccoli and fruit salads, and our own unique recipe for BBQ smoked baked beans, cooked in the BBQ pit for a wonderful smoked flavor!!

We can usually meet any special side dish request as well…just ask! Give your guests a culinary event. Let us help make your event special with a Valley Pig Pickin’, LLC!


 young pig prepared to be cooked on a big grillThen you need to rent a smoker pit from us to make your event unique and special with you as the BBQ PIT MASTER.

Be the envy of the party as you control the PIT.

If you have never cooked anything bigger than a steak…wait until you stand behind a true Carolina Style Smoker!

Contact us to learn how to smoke your own pig on a Valley Pig Pickin’, LLC rental pit.

Suggested Menu Options

Priced “per guest”

Smoked Stuffed Mushrooms
Assorted Veggies with dip
Cheese and Cracker Trays
Fresh Fruit Tray
Shrimp “Scampi” Cocktail

Market expense for meat selections


  • Whole Pig
  • Pork Loin
  • Spare Ribs
  • Baby Back Ribs


  • Brisket
  • Sirloin Tip Roast
  • Shredded Beef BBQ
  • Prime Rib
  • Beef Ribs
  • RibEye Steaks
  • Strip Steaks


  • Chicken – Whole, Halves, Quarters, thirds
  • Boneless Chicken Breasts
  • Turkey – Whole, Breasts


  • Whole Lamb
  • Lamb Roast
  • Leg of Lamb
  • Lamb Gyros


  • Smoked Portabella Caps
  • Veggie Burgers


  • Hamburgers
  • Hot Dogs
  • Sausage (w/ peppers and onions)

Priced “per gallon” or “per guest” /Each gallon typically serves 30 guests.

Cole Slaw, creamy or vinegar (BBQ, “red”) slaw
Traditional “yellow” (mustard) Potato Salad
Red-skin creamy “Ranch” Potato Salad
Bow-tie pasta salad
Smoked Macaroni & Cheese, made fresh on-site with 4 cheeses
Macaroni Salad
Broccoli Salad
Smoked BBQ Bean Medley
Country Style Green Beans
Collard Greens seasoned with pork
Buttered Baby Carrots with brown sugar glaze
Mixed Green Garden Salad
Spinach Salad with Strawberries, Mandarin Oranges, Candied Nuts with a Vinaigrette Dressing
Fresh Mixed Fruit Salad
Grilled Vegetable Mix
Grilled Asparagus

Priced “per guest”

Fresh Buns
Dinner Rolls
Assorted Cookie Trays
Brownie Trays
Fresh Made Pies
BEVERAGES – priced “per guest”

Priced “per guest”

Fresh Brewed Ice Tea
Assorted Sodas
Bottled water

Valley Pig Pickin'LLC


Just wanted to say thanks for the easy encounter with VPP!
We had a very successful party thanks to you and Bennett, our one man pit crew. He did an outstanding job in every aspect. Could not have asked for more.
Pig, burgers and dogs were perfect.
Best Regards,Rob S,
Gymini Gymnastics

Rob S

Gymini Gymnastics

Oct 2015 Wedding Event in Washington DC

We were so happy with our event, and you guys helped make it a most wonderful day. The food was outstanding – everyone raved about it. I would be happy to refer others to your business!


Hey Josh- just following up to thank you for helping me out last Saturday- the party was a huge success, in large part thanks to your outfit 🙂 We look forward to the party at my parent’s barn as well- you guys do such a great job!

The crew and food were absolutely fantastic at the wedding celebration at Zion Springs this past weekend, Josh! We couldn’t be happier. 5 stars!

This was the most amazing food ever at ANY catered event I’ve been to. My daughter found this business online, had immediately professional and prompt response, arranged for a tasting and secured the reservation for her special day. They traveled to Loudoun County without hesitation…. They come on site early the day of the wedding and spend the entire day cooking/smoking absolutely delicious food! We had brisket (best this side of Texas!), pulled pork and chicken, mashed potatoes, salad, corn on the cob and some really amazing mac n cheese -(smoked!). The flavors truly caused everyone to stop and comment on how excellent it was! The caterers were friendly, efficient and on time to the minute! The price was absolutely perfect and we had plenty of left overs – even with almost everyone showing up for the wedding! We HIGHLY recommend this company!
Anonymous Post from Wedding Wire

And the food was some of the best I can recall at a wedding. Valley Pig Pickin’ catered the event and brought a whole smoked lamb. I had never had lamb done this way, and it’s unbelieveable. It was basically like a pig pickin’ but with a lamb that was sliced instead of pulled. It kind of made this Virginia boy wonder why we’ve been messing around with pork all of these years. The sides were great too, though I hope to never know the nutrition content of the mashed potatoes.
RW Boone Jr

Thanks again for another great dinner, just like last year. Everyone really enjoyed the BBQ and sides again and many told us so spontaneously. The fact that you prepare on site, treating us to that delicious cooking odor, is an added treat to our guests. Of particular importance to me is the fact that I can count on you to be there with everything set up and ready on time. Being on schedule is important as we have a full program to conduct. All I have to do is schedule Valley Pig Pickin’ and the food for the event is taken care of. We will be setting the date for next year’s annual event soon and will again book Valley Pig Pickin’ a year in advance. Thanks again.

Peter J. Bills
Chairman, Loudoun County Chapter
Ducks Unlimited

Peter J. Bills

Hey Josh,
What an incredible job you guys did for us. The pork and chicken were outstanding as were all of the sides. Your presentation, appearance, equipment were all top notch. I have been cooking BBQ for over thirty years and as you know owned and operated my own business at Lake Anna. I know the difference between bad, just ok, pretty good and really great BBQ. You guys should cook in competition because you cook really great BBQ. I would gladly recommend you to anyone. Please feel free to use me as a reference.

Sincere Thanks,
Founders Day Co-Chairman
Shenendoah at Lake Frederick


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